Enjoy the Master program to internationalize its curriculum is an idea increasingly widespread among young students eager to experience abroad.

Singapore is by far one of the leading destinations for this type of project. The country is home to many multinational offering interesting career opportunities, while promotions facilities consist of over 60% international students. From Singapore after your license is a legitimate bearer project and you will develop your professional profile to Asian and Anglo-Saxon markets.

Required to apply for training after your License:

Most institutions in Singapore appear clear and precise requirements on their web portal in order to avoid unnecessary applications. A good idea would be to visit the training website that you are interested to learn more about their expectations. Most of the time, a candidate fulfilling all the criteria is not provided shall be judicially noticed , these criteria are just there to make a preset face a very large influx of applications from around the world.


We thus find the following documents in the registration files:

1. License Your degree / Bachelor, preferably in English. They must be certified by the authority which issued you.

2. Results obtained throughout your undergraduate. These results must necessarily be presented in English. You must apply directly to your former institution or, if that is impossible, to translate documents into French by a sworn translator.

3. Your score on one of the language tests. You can pass the test of choice TOEFL or IELTS to prove your level of English. A minimum score of 85 is often asked TOEFL whereas it is 7.0 in IELTS.

4. Some curricula may require you to take tests assessing your mental abilities such as the GMAT or GRE . This is particularly the case of MBA programs, but not only.

5. Your CV and one or more letters of recommendation from former employers or teachers.

6. A photocopy of your passport and / or a copy of your birth certificate.

7. A registration form available for download on the website of the university and completed.

When applying to universities after your license?

The academic year begins in Singapore between the beginning and the end of August is at least one month before the French academic year . It would be wise to take this difference into account key dates in the preparation of your project.

It is therefore advisable to start achieving your registration form at the beginning of December last year, and submit it to the month of January / February.