The Japanese language is commonly defined as one of the “easy mysteries”. This is because, although it may appear difficult, its grammar is very simple compared to ours! In fact, shortage of articles, adjectives and nouns of thing or person they male or female, nor have singular and plural! In addition, the verbs are conjugated: then you will not be forced to learn how to do every verb in the first person singular, the second, third, etc. There seems little? To effectively study this language need first two qualities: the constancy in the study day by day and perseverance … .why not definitely falls among the most fun things to do! Now let’s see some useful advice. Lets talk about How to Study the Japanese.

how to study

First let me say that everyone has their own learning time: then, remember that the advice in this article are the recommendations in general … ..that you’ll have to then adapt to your individual needs! Well, let’s start! So, if you want to learn it for fun (because, like me, you like Japanese culture, manga and anime) or for work, started to arrange a CD of audio learning. Just one hour of listening per day to learn in a short time the grammar, sentences and simpler words. You can listen to it as you go to work, when you paused or walks in the park. Remember that you need to learn to read and write if your goal is to learn more about the language and culture or to go on vacation in Japan! In this way, you’ll learn just the basic interactions of everyday life and you’ll find yourself not overwhelmed by various Kanji (ideograms). If you want to learn Japanese for business or living in Japan, I recommend that you first follow a course dedicated. You can also buy a book or look up a guide on the internet, both very useful to learn Japanese. Learning to read and write , however, are two essential aspects to be successful long term.

Writing Systems

The Japanese language has a 4 writing systems: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji Romaji. Actually, the Romaji is not commonly considered part of the Japanese writing system, but in fact, it is! This system, in other words, corresponding to our alphabet and allows us to write Japanese words, as (“sushi” or “Tokyo”) through our writing system. The Katakana is used for “loans” language: it is an example of the word “Makudonarudo” (McDonald’s), while the ‘ Hiragana is used to write all the words through this Japanese phonetic alphabet. The Kanji , however, are nothing but the Chinese characters … ..modification by the Japanese over the centuries! Start studying all three writing systems is critical to learn the language. The Kana (Hiragana and Katakana), that is, the phonetic alphabets, you can learn in a few weeks and you can use them to write down everything that you want. Kanji, however, requires several years of study, but learn it will make a big leap in language level. Generally, at the beginning it will write everything in Hiragana and Katakana, and only with time, you will be able to replace the words with Kanji.