Who attends the university knows that the textbooks have now reached prohibitively expensive and not all students have the economic means to buy certain books, which may also have cost over 100 Euro! Of course, we can always turn to libraries, but we know that not all texts can be loaned. Better to do it yourself then! And, finally, it is not only to consider the economic aspect: summarize a book in notes is also very useful to have information immediately available to us in order to facilitate consultation in the event of lesson review before an exam. So today I will give you some useful advice to easily summarize a book in the notes.

First of all, we will need the book, the writing materials and paper to be used for writing. I recommend you use a notebook ring, so store your work done. As for the writing materials, try to use a pen with ink of different colors (red, blue, black and green) to enhance better chapters, titles and subtitles, and also the pastel-colored highlighters to highlight the keywords. The first page that we write must contain all information about the text that will be discussed (including title and subtitle, author, publisher, year of publication, ISBN, price). This we may thereafter serve for the identification of the book. Next, we make a “panoramic” overall volume of our interest and disclose it. the index, though often you can easily find on the Internet through a simple search. This will allow us to constantly monitor all the work and at any time.


Now we have to consider a chapter at a time and read, identifying the most important parts and anything else that is worth transcribing. After you have finished reading, I recommend lug sheet with the title of the chapter and begin to write in the order of presentation of the book: copy the most important concepts (definitions, keywords etc) And summarize in words your everything that does not require a specific terminology. For example, if the book in question is on commercial law, we should include a definition of “trader” (writing down the number of the relevant law or the item code taken into account) and then write down some examples in our own words. And we continue to do this work for all the other chapters.

The ultimate goal of this process is to be able to use our notes to place in the book, this is especially useful when, for example, we can not afford to buy a book (because it was too expensive) or can not borrow (because can only be consulted in the halls of the library). The sheets “with holes”, then, will allow us to be able to group the various chapters at will in order to follow our preferred method of study.