Examination of State, or maturity, is an important goal for the educational background of the student. It consists of three written tests and an interview multidisciplinary . The final result will depend on the future of graduating. Undoubtedly, it is a game and a great responsibility rests on the shoulders of the poor student. To pass exams in dignity, we must put aside the anxiety. In addition, program a good level of studies increases the security and self-esteem. Here is how to survive a graduation examination.

graduation examination

Examination of State , or maturity , focuses mainly on the arguments and subjects of the last year. The first obstacle is the script, with the doubts and uncertainties. Therefore, to survive the ordeal, forget the “betting” on the authors. You can run into false hopes and disappointments. So, the only solution is a rapid revision of the possible arguments . During the written exam, a team of examiners will check expressions and movements of the examiners. Therefore, to survive, forget notes, themes in dictionaries and strange tattoos with mathematical formulas encrypted. Alas! The solution seems one: study really. The examination is called “maturity” because it is supposed be mature and responsible. So, take the best of your ability.

Besides the arithmetic of the vote, the oral presentation of the term paper is an important role. To survive a graduation examination, you play your cards right. Therefore, choose a topic of interest to be explored. Whenever possible, the preferred materials for teachers outside your institution. You do not know you, then, you’ll have to make a good impression, especially on the committee chair. Your professors know you already and except in exceptional cases, already have a clear idea of how to talk to you and introduce you to their colleagues. In the essay, or conceptual map , you will have much freedom of action. You can also sacrifice matters not represented by a teacher. On the other hand, no one judges anyone on a topic unrelated to his skills.

Pity teachers. They too live the exams in tension and apprehension. do not want to indulge in acrobatic and daring questions, then help them! During the exposure of the essay, not detailed why the topic in detail. Always leave something as simple and obvious, to “take” the easy question to the teacher. You will be revealed fully prepared. Even emotion plays an important role. You will not be condemned to some agitation. Therefore, to survive a graduation examination, stay calm. Prevent to send in total confusion.