Studying is a right that should be recognized at all, unfortunately we know how expensive this is right to study, because tuition fees are high, the books are very often those who are out of the office has a need to rent a property close to the university. the costs are many.

Unfortunately, not all families can afford to maintain one or more children to college having these costs, and this is often bright young people have to give up their dream. In this guide I will explain how to do and what are the requirements needed to obtain a particular loan aimed just at young students. This fund was established by the Ministry of Youth, in collaboration with the Italian Banking Association (ABI) , in order to finance undergraduate and master.

If you want to access these loans you have to go with one of the banks participating in the initiative, First, fill out the application form, where in addition to your personal data, you declare that you have certain requirements, such as: age between 18 and 40 years old, hold a high school diploma with a grade of at least 75/100 , be enrolled in one of the following courses :


1) graduate course or single-cycle specialist .
2) Master of Science in this case and be in possession of a three-year bachelor’s degree with a mark of at least 100/110.
3) Master the first or second level , and in possession of a diploma, degree or specialized respectively, by a vote of at least 100/110.
4) specialization course after the single-cycle degree in medicine and surgery with a mark of at least 100/110.
5) PhD research abroad , which for the purposes of recognition in Italy, must have a legal duration of three years. will also need to be in compliance with the payment of tuition fees. Loans can be up to the amount of 25,000 euros, which will be paid in annual installments of not less than three thousand dollars and do not higher than 5000 Euro.

Financing conditions and the interest rate are set by individual banks participating in the initiative, according to the agreement made ​​between the Ministry of Youth and ABI and are always very attractive. Important are also the manner in which you have to repay the loan, in fact it will return at least 30 months after having received the last installment of the loan and must be between 3 and 15 years.

The application form must attach a copy of a valid identity document, a copy of high school diploma indicating the vote achieved or copy of the degree certificate indicating the vote achieved. copy a certificate issued by the university confirming enrollment in the university degree or specialization or a master’s degree and regularity of payment of tuition fees. Finally, I remind you that often banks providing these loans have a 12-month period in which you can temporarily suspend the payment of the installments without penalty.