May happen to be enrolled in a course of university studies and, along the way, you realize you have taken the wrong direction . Change faculty or university you can: this brief guide aims to help those who want to move from one university to another, in a few easy steps .

First of all, head to the secretariat of the university in which you wish to register and collect information. The key issue is the existence or not of an entrance test. If the faculties are limited, in fact, you can proceed with the registration only after passing the initial selections . Take note of dates and deadlines to register for the test, and get yourself the preparatory material (such as books Alpha Test ). Find out about the possibility of you recognize the examinations already incurred. Although the two may have similar curricula, it is said that the conversion is automatic.

Later, you have to apply for leave at your current university. Usually, there is a form to fill out and hand in the office, in which you specify the universities of destination and the degree course you intend to follow. The transfer application must be accompanied by the old student ID , to return, and the stamp (the amount is about 14 euro). After receiving the form, the office responsible for issuing the student clearance , which will be handed over to the new university at the time of registration.

Now you can proceed with the application for enrollment to the university of your interest will need to complete all the necessary documentation, usually indicated on the website in the section on enrollment and registrations . It is essential to pay attention to deadlines and administrative procedures, which vary from university to university You will be asked the permission of your current university and, in the event of a request for recognition of examinations, the teaching programs If you do not have exams to convert, things are faster and you will be notified directly the result of enrollment Otherwise, the time will stretch some ‘, because the destination university must assess whether or not to assign receivables Once we receive confirmation of your registration, the registration number and the card , a student will be in effect in the new university.