The mode of use of best student loans are really many. To say that an unsecured loan, or trustee, in favor of the university, can be used to deal with his studies, is, in fact, too generic. The mode of using a loan of honor refers to the way or ways in which the loan granted by the bank, can be spent by the student, that is, for what purpose, or better, for which expenditure items the student can use the annual sum made ​​available by the bank.

One of the main ways of using a loan of honor stand out clearly the objectives specified by the nature of the loan and the agreements or contracts between banks and universities, namely: support for the academic course of study or completion of the degree, frequency to master in Italy or abroad, specialization courses, attend courses at institutions accredited trainers, Ph.D. Research .


Within these macro-areas of expenditure, entering the practical arrangements for use of student loans. In simple words: how you should and you can spend the money granted by the bank on the basis of trust and merit? In many ways and for many reasons.

There are no limits to how you use the loan of honor, the only limit is that all expenses must be addressed because the preparatory course of study . Here, then, lines of credit that can be used to pay the tuition fees, the cost of food and accommodation , course materials and handouts .

And not only that. There are also other ways to use the loan of honor, as the expenses that can be made ​​with an ATM or Debit card , or through those ancillary services that the bank provides the student at the time the line of credit in the current account .

A ‘how to use the additional loan of honor is the spending for buying a computer or eat meals at the restaurant. Completed the course for which the loan was granted, he began the so-called ” grace period “, ie, a period of one or two years, however, decided in the agreement between universities and banks, where interest accrues, but the student should not return anything for the chance to enter the world of work and repay the loan in peace.