Like every year Linkedin has published the rating on the words most used (and abused!) By the Italians in their profiles in the hope of getting noticed online by potential employers. Foremost it is ” responsible “, to follow” with organizational skills “,” collaborative “,” expert “and even” strategic “. Others are described with adjectives decidedly more bizarre! But the wrong words can irreparably damage a curriculum vitae, because they will be more or less visible according to a keyword search . Today I would like to give you some helpful advice on how to use words correctly on Linkedin . Lets talk about how to use Words on Linkedin to find Jobs.

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Many people interpret the need to find the right words to emerge in a simplistic way. In this way, however, they will eventually be used too, and then they will not have a potential such as to bring out the working profile in question. The specificity is a key to show a figure in the round and that stands out from the others present. Rather, if we have to use words or generic expressions as ” ability to work in teams “(or its variants) will make more sense to explain how we have acquired that ability. Technically it is not wrong to also focus on interpersonal skills and other “soft skills” (in addition to work skills), but when someone uses words like ” manager “or” collaborative “wrong! Simply because they are qualities that a potential employer should be able to take for granted. Another thing that is often overlooked today is a careful reasoning on the job profile, and how to describe himself in that key. Many people start to fill in the profile writing job positions and some generic description. However profiles “best” are often the ones that are created from a prior reflection on your career path and the direction that they wanted to give to it. The curriculum on Linkedin must be designed and built an investment of us and our future. You invest money without ever first inform carefully the conditions of such a choice? And we can honestly ask an employer to do the same?

Words such as Insert?

To increase your chances of finding a job through Linkedin profile, you should use specific words of the context in which you have acquired and put into practice the skills described. First, you have to ask what is the meaning you want to communicate to use a particular terminology (which in itself can have many possible variations and interpretations). For example, what does the word ” creative “in the work you do? If you do creative work by definition … ..little sense repeat! Do not believe? If you would rather use the word ” creative “as a way of doing a job not immediately classifiable as creative, then it would be appropriate to explain exactly what you mean by that word! This will give more wealth and specificity to your profile. In this regard, it is a good idea to attach a letter of introduction / motivation. It could make a difference. And today are also many companies to request it. Another important and very underrated in Italy is the customization and enhancement of their skills and expertise. But also to constantly update their profile, both in terms of jobs and content to share with their contacts. This will make your presence more complete and interesting, but will also give more visibility to your skills.