Write an article gossip , as well as follow the general rules for writing a newspaper article any, must be subject to certain criteria and measures just due to the type of topics. It is, in fact, of a lighter than the crime or politics, which require an adequate language and communication mode ad hoc. All this, however, without forgetting that even the gossip has its own journalistic value with their target audience and therefore these issues should be treated with due professionalism and competence. But here are some helpful tips on how to write a news story pink.

The basic rule for writing any article, and therefore also of a tabloid article, is that of the 5 w, where these are for the English terms of Who (Who) What (what), When (when), Where (where), Why (why). In a nutshell, when you write a story must immediately and clearly indicate who are the protagonists of the fact, what happened, when and where. These are the basic elements of the news, or the fact that you intend to tell the article. Provided that those are the essentials, you can switch to detail increasingly restricting the incident.


In writing a news story rose, also, you will have to be very careful with the rules and regulations governing the use of privacy policy . The items of gossip, in fact, for most invade the privacy of the players, you think to articles in which you reveal new loves or acquaintances, or even sightings of famous people in one place rather than another. In writing their own piece, then, we must be careful not to exceed the limit of the right information. Another good rule is to always stick to the facts minimizing or eliminating them altogether, any personal considerations.

A good news story pink, finally, must be accompanied by many photos . The reader, in fact, you want to read the article to know how the facts are, but even more want to see. If you talk about a new love of a movie star , the photos in the company’s new flame, or better still loving attitudes, will surely give more weight to in Article.