nterpersonal relationships are those established between two or more persons; these associations can be based on emotions, feelings or social activities, among others. These relationships arise from communication, and none of its functions can be performed if the human being does not start to interact with other beings to share information.

One of the most important aspects that can be mentioned about communication is that it is achieved through transfer and project the environment in which the human being develops.

From another point of view it can be said that communication is a necessity that has existed since the beginning of time and not exist, man could not share with others of their species and their environment. If so, developments in the world could not have been given.

interpersonal relationships

Although people interact daily with each other and with their environment, not always it reflects on the importance of it and about the problems that can arise if the communication is not performed correctly. This situation makes the way human beings relate is difficult and understand the world avoiding that relations are given in a more positive way.

Communication is one of the greatest riches and human relations that can be done in so many ways that it would appoint infinite power each.

Despite everything mentioned above, it should be noted that several problems which arise within society as a result of poor communication exist as well.

He did not make themselves understood or not adequately understand the information they receive is one of the main problems that can be named in this regard.

You could even say that the great wars were caused by communication problems and early resolution of these conflicts.

Psychology plays an important role in describing the problems that arise in society by poor communication but also emphasizes the importance this has for the development of the human being from the moment of conception.

Dr. Lopez Ibor said: “Human beings can not live alone, go crazy” and to understand the interpretation of these words can be determined that man is by nature a communicative and that his existence in the world is caused by too the communication.

In conclusion we can say that man is by nature a communicative and developments in the world will depend on good interaction with their environment through communication.