Studying is vital for anyone that wants to make the most of their future and career. This is why so many people decide to go onto university in a bid to improve their skills and knowledge while gaining valuable qualifications. Having a university education and degree can go a long way towards helping you to achieve your career goals.

However, it is important to remember that it is not a degree alone that will get you into the career that you want. You also need to display other qualities for employers to want to take you on fresh from university. Having a degree is great but it does not make up for practical, real life experience, which is something that employers are keen to see.
importance of work experience

How work experience can help

One thing that can really help when it comes to boosting your chances of getting a job quickly after university is to gain some work experience. Of course, it is always advisable to try and get experience in the type of work you want to do if possible. However, if this isn’t possible for any reason any type of work experience will be fine. It simply shows that you have real life experience of operating in a working or business environment, which is something that most university graduates do not have. The quicker you can start earning income after leaving university, you faster you will be able to sort out your finances such as paying off your student loans. You can also look at student loan refinance companies to reduce the amount you have to pay.

There are a number of options available when it comes to gaining work experience. You can write to companies that are involved in the type of work you want to get into and ask whether they would be interested in taking you on for work experience during the holidays or on certain days of the week. Another option is to try and get a part time job to fit around your studies, as this will enable you to gain work experience and earn some extra money while you are studying. A third possibility is contacting charities and seeing whether they need any volunteers for various tasks. Charities are generally crying out for volunteers, so you should be able to find one that will be happy to take you on.

The other great thing about getting work experience is that you will have someone that can give you a reference when applying for your first job. This can work wonders in terms of securing you the position over someone that can only get a reference from a lecturer or faculty member. Your reference will be far more relevant and this will help to impress those looking at your job application.

Of course, there are other benefits to bear in mind when it comes to gaining work experience. It can help to develop your skills and knowledge in a real working environment rather than only dealing with the academic side of things. In addition, it will help to build your confidence when it comes to thing such as working as part of a team, dealing with customers and company officials, and carrying out various tasks. Students at Brampton College go on to secure places at the most highly regarded UK universities.