Today I would like to cover the importance of achieving an appropriate learning environment for children or school student. How an enriching context can influence positively on the development of skills in preschool and considerations that the educator must take to achieve that enabling environment deed ad child. The school environment is one of the many contexts in which the child will be developed and which will spend much of his life. So it must be in harmony with the other contexts in which they are living small. If you would like to know brief information about good American school in St Cloud, near to Paris, you could choose the american school in Paris.

school environmentDevelopment:

The educational environment is composed of spaces, teaching materials, interactions that create a certain climate or environment that identifies, giving it a unique character to the work that distinguishes each classroom. When the child first enters kindergarten is facing a very important and of great impact on your life change. It ranges from a family environment where the child plays an important role and is in a safe, warm and pleasant context which receives individual attention and where it maintains close relationships with family members. A new, full environment spaces, objects and different rules to our family, unknown adults and children with whom they will have to establish different relationships that keeps with his family.

Every child goes through a different process of adaptation, each in his own pace, until gradually lose the fear and anxiety to the new environment and accept it as part of their context. For this happens in the best conditions must provide an enabling environment, let them explore spaces, materials, to gradually go attaching the garden.


The way it is organized the school environment, organization of materials, as found distributed space, time for activities, etc., always will respond even educational model that has the educator.  When will organize the school environment should be taken into account as the environment will contribute to the development of children, if it is an environment that meets the characteristics of a comfortable and nurturing environment.

Welcoming space:

The kindergarten should characterized to have convenient and comfortable spaces for children, should be a place where communication is of simple and appropriate way to stimulate curiosity and creativity of children and encourages exploration, discovery , to work together and to address the needs of children and respond to their moods and interests. Children need to grow and develop a warm climate, which makes them feel safe, where they can establish relationships where they feel confident, so they can have a positive image of the school.

Responding to the needs of children:

The school environment should take into account the needs of children of preschool and respond appropriately to them.

Physical: need to get on the air, light, sun, rest, food

Affective: to feel loved by her teacher and peers, to express feelings

Activity: need for something that interests them, especially need to game

Movement: to explore their motor skills, to move freely through space…

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