For the Italian universities are coming EUR 7 billion, allocated by the government by means of the new decree for 2012 on criteria for allocating Fund financing of the universities, abbreviated FFO. Of the total amount, nearly one billion euro reward the most deserving universities.

The breakdown of funds will serve as guidance to the criteria used in previous years, although with a substantial difference: the Minister of Education, University and Research Francesco perfume has in fact made ??it clear that funding will actually be granted to universities in the shortest time possible and not end of the year as it tended to do with the previous decrees. And within each university will have cognizance of funds due to him in time to plan their activities.


Are not yet defined the odds for each university, but for sure the total is approximately 5.5 billion euro, which will for the most part – 5000000000 – to the state universities and a small amount about 140 million Euros. and finally about 116 million are for institutions, such as the Normal. The new decree is focusing on the share of rewards, which comes to represent 13 percent of total funding, 910 million euro compared to 830 last year for the most productive universities in research, teaching and training. The factor that will weigh more in the assessment should be the ability of universities to produce quality scientific research, with a budget corresponding to 66 percent of the total.

This figure includes the percentage of teachers and researchers in the present research projects by 2006-2009 and in those FIRB program “Future and Research”, the 2003 assessments made? by Civr, Steering Committee for the evaluation of research and the about to win the tender for the innovation of the European Union.

According to the Minister perfume would benefit the students themselves and the entire educational system. And for Italian universities it’s time to get competition to win a greater share of FFO and at the same time improve the supply in terms of both teaching and research.