Institutions of higher education in Belgium are very similar to those belonging to the French system, thus facilitating understanding of the Belgian system for French students. If the various settlements are an important component of the Belgian university system, the various diplomas should also be known!

Universities in Belgium and operation:

They can be divided into two categories, the Flemish universities and French universities . They exist only 10 French universities, which focus almost all student enrollment from France. Training in universities have adopted the LMD system as in France, and divided into three cycles, Bachelor – Master – PhD. The courses are generally very theoretical, with philosophy, languages ​​and literature, economics, art history and archeology, medical sciences, criminology, dental sciences. All French formations are found in almost similar way in Belgian universities, so you do not risk being lost! Their cost is significantly higher than the French institutions, with an average of 760 euros registration fee.


Universities in Belgium:

Since the system of large French schools, the higher education system in Belgium differs from the university with a more professional and less theoretical . Diplomas are recognized by the Belgian government and the rest of Europe, and thus allow later to continue his studies at the university. However, these costs only 350 euros per year and cover very large areas. There are currently nearly 30 universities in Belgium which 21 offer training in French.
Studies are possible only on the first two cycles Bachelor and Master , the search does not exist in the high Belgian schools, although this is likely to evolve. Courses at such schools can be divided into eight sectors: agricultural, artistic, economic, Medical, educational, social, and technical translation and interpreting.

Colleges of arts in Belgium:

Arts colleges are institutions of higher education preparing Belgian training only in the arts. It is therefore possible to find training in the following areas:

* Visual arts, visual arts, and arts space
* Musical groups
* Theater and vocal arts
* Performing arts, technical dissemination and communication, and film.

To be admitted to an institution offering these courses, you must pass an exam holding your artistic largely related to the training referred abilities. ‘s proposed such as training lasts between 3 and 6 years old, Bachelor’s degree License our equivalent to the rank of specialist Master. In addition to these three types of institutions add higher institutes of architecture preparing for careers related to architecture.