International students wishing to study from Japan can join one of the five types of institutions of higher learning Japanese. Each institution is a specific purpose and must meet the expectations and student projects. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to do in Japan, it remains for you to choose the best solution!

Undergraduate Universities in Japan:

There are nearly 778 different universities in Japan, so we can really speak of a large choice of places for training and study! This includes public, national universities, but also often more expensive than their counterparts in private universities funded state. The average duration of an Undergraduate training equivalent to our License is 4 years instead of 3 years with us. Only specialized medical training type vet, engineer require longer duration of minimum studies in order to study later.


Graduate Universities in Japan:

Japan is a difference between universities can award degrees Undergraduates and those that can award degrees Graduates. ‘s Graduate schools can prepare for training Master kind in two years, and PhD in 3 years. The aim is to train the choice of managers or professional way of high-level researchers.

The research theses “Japanese”

Hard for us to present differently this type of training is not diploma. It is possible to join a research program in a Japanese institution for international students for a period of six months on average. The only access is provided having graduated from Undergraduate Level. The ultimate goal is that after this period of research, the student is registered or not to join a real dedicated to research training.

The “Vocational Schools” for professional training:

More professional training in specific areas that last two years , to train students to the world of business quickly. What is closest to the French BTS, and is available in fields as varied and diverse as trade, medical, accounting, education, culture, the Japanese.

Japanese language school:

Insofar as the mastery of Japanese is necessary to enter the vast majority of training in Japan, the Japanese language schools often have pre-university programs, preparing students to study Japanese. These language courses last an average of 6 months to 1 year depending on the starting level and the speed of learning. This is a great opportunity to begin to live in Japan and test the viability of the proposed studies.