As a prospective student in England, you will discover a new country, a new city, but also a new health system. You will therefore have to ask you is how the management of care in England in case of problems. As a European student, the first step to do is ask your European health insurance card in order to benefit once there the same conditions as an English student. We will look in detail the terms of repayment and care for a French student in England, to help you decide if you need health insurance or not to stay.

The conditions for taking charge of your care in England:

As a European citizen with the European health insurance card, you have the opportunity to treat you to a free doctor in the public sector under the National Health Service. All care promulgated outside this framework or a private physician must be paid directly by you.

At the purchase of medication, no advance is normally due when paying pharmacy. In contrast, a fixed stake £ 7.10 or 8.35 euros on average per drug. Clearly, you pay for each drug purchased £ 7.10 and overtaking is supported by the EHIC.

At dental plans, they go £ 16.80 to £ 190 for an operation such as a tooth removal, installation of a bridge. When hospitalization, it is supported in the public domain, but it is not if you get in a private hospital.


Health insurance for an internship in England is useful?

Unless your course is only a very short period of less than a month, we can say that the health insurance for a trainee is useful, even essential. First because it covers all additional costs not covered by the EHIC, secondly because it covers a lot of situations that other health problems.

It is thus possible to get cover for the loss or delay of baggage on arrival , to be secure against the risks associated with renting an apartment, you are covered in case of an incident involving your liability, and to repatriate you if necessary. The benefits of such insurance which are still present, and will bring a great help in case of problems.

Insurance for a student in England is not mandatory but is recommended as for any trip abroad! trainees If you are in England, chapka Insurance has developed a formula for students starting study or work abroad as part of their curriculum. Chapka Insurance specializes in young expatriates and achieved the CAP Student insurance to meet the needs of students worldwide.