Insurance during your study abroad is an opportunity to enjoy a maximum of what will certainly be one of the finest periods your life. Optional in the countries of the European Union for French students, they are almost always mandatory for the rest of the world. But what is a good complementary health insurance to study abroad?

Insurance paying all medical expenses:

Your insurance when you study abroad should cover all medical expenses if you are studying outside of Europe, or act as a supplement to Social Security if you are studying in Europe and have a European Health Insurance Card. It is a pity not to go see a specialist if you feel unwell or are sick to avoid the expense and hoping the bad password. Insurance, you study in Europe or in the world, allowing you to overcome financial constraints, and you care about the cost.


Insurance supports repatriation:

Sometimes in severe cases that need repatriation to France. The insurance must cover the repatriation or return anticipated, and arrange a visa once you have contacted. This kind of situation is of course very rare.

Insurance inspiring confidence you:

First of all, when choosing your insurance, you must have confidence in the organization you purchase a contract. ‘s website, his fame, his specialization in certain sectors, the number of clients each year, the opinions of other users are all factors to consider in choosing your insurance to study abroad.

Our partner chapka Insurance:

It is from all of these criteria Consider abroad has given her confidence and created a partnership with chapka Insurance, insurer specializing in youth going to live and study abroad. For young students going to study abroad, it is certainly the insurer offering the closest and targeted insurance offerings to your needs , with nearly a dozen offers each corresponding to a specific project of going abroad.