It is easy to get stuck in a rut with your work routine. Sometimes we long to do something different with our lives and have a desire to feel as though we are helping others in some way.

Here we take a look at just a few of the many career options in which you can make a difference to peoples lives in one way, or another. Whether that is by directly assisting them with something or by creating a product that will help someone.

We would all love to be able to afford to give to charities and get our hands dirty by doing regular relief work. Sadly due to our family commitments and monetary restraints we often find that we are limited to how much of a difference we can make. However by finding yourself a career that allows us to make good money and help at the same time, there might just be a way forward.


Charity Workers

Ok, so this is an obvious one. You would probably have to do this in your spare time, but most people find that charity work is a great way of helping. It can often be a rewarding experience to give up a couple of hours a week, just to help.

You could volunteer in a number of different ways, with some positions even having the potential to lead up to a paid job.

Helping out in your local charity shop or at an event for a nearby hospital or library could be a good place to start.  You can find ads in your local papers, online and via charities own websites. If you already work full time, then you could think about getting involved in a sponsorship scheme that would still let you enrich the life of another.

Hospital Staff

Hospital staff help people in many ways. Nurses often spend hours at their patients bedside, taking care of them and administering medication. They are called upon to provide support and care to patients and are often working long hours and tough days.

Nurses are always required, and it could be a highly rewarding career for anyone who wants to help people in their job. There is quite a lot of studying involved when looking into nursing, but if you persevere then you will have a rewarding line of work that could help to change and even save lives.

Surgeons and consultants also have a huge role in helping to save lives. The money is significantly higher than it is in nursing, but study is long and tough work. You will have the luxury of a fast paced career at the end of it all. Along with the knowledge that you are personally involved in the process of helping people and changing lives with your own hands.

Pharmaceutical staff are usually on hand in hospitals to provide medication and offer medical advice. You could even end up in charge of your own pharmacy. Some of the top pharm schools in the US have great training programs and can be easily researched to check how long you would have to study for to become qualified.


Bringing children into the world is a beautiful experience for mothers. You will never forget the first day that you hold your newborn baby in your arms. You are also so grateful for the doctors, nurses and midwives who helped deliver them safely.

Midwifery is a job that is fast needing more staff. Your hours would be long and stressful, but the payoff of actually bringing new lives into the world every single day has to be worth that, surely?

Becoming a midwife is one of the most special career choices that you could make. You would you be able to help and guide women through every aspect of their pregnancy. You can also build a career for yourself that is based on solid principles and strong foundations.


Joining the police force could be a great career for those who want to contribute to the safety and wellbeing of their community.

With many different roles available within the police force, the options to take your career to a higher level are endless. Whether you are working as a police officer or a detective, you’ll be directly dealing with people everyday who need your help.

Your average day might not be spent chasing ‘bad guys’ down dark alleyways like you often see in the movies. It will be an experience that you can carve a meaningful career from in order to make a difference to people’s lives.

Social Worker

Social workers play a huge part in helping people through traumatic events and difficult times in their lives. They work with families and individuals to help protect both the child and the adults in various situations.

You could become a social worker for many different reasons, but most people go into the job with a view of protecting the safety and welfare of children.

Social workers often face high-pressure situations and have been the subject of media attention in the past few years with certain highlighted cases. You would have to be compassionate, determined and patient to work in this career field.

Psychologists and counsellors

It is often said that people who have been through trauma themselves, make the best counsellors or psychologists. Their ability to listen, understand and help with a variety of problems must be applauded.

Reasons someone might come and see you as a counsellor or psychologist include:

Childhood trauma

Help with confidence building

Physical or sexual abuse

Drug or alcohol abuse

Anxiety or social phobia

Panic attacks

Relationship problems

Marriage advice and help

This job would be perfect for someone with the desire to get into the human psyche and learn more about the different techniques to help people and to improve their lives.

Be prepared to delve into your own psychological workings and past, in order to gain the qualifications you will need for this rewarding and helpful career choice.