Student Health is an important issue, and it is necessary for each prospective student in Germany to learn a maximum before his departure. ‘s health coverage in Europe is important for all European citizens, and ensures accessible care and supported in the majority of cases. Under these conditions, it is questionable whether the subscription to a supplementary health insurance cost is relevant, and that is what we will present in this guide.

The rights of European trainees in Germany:

As a European student, you are eligible for health coverage across Europe represented by the European Health Insurance Card. This valuable health coverage for less than 12 months periods supports all care providers conducted with public health, medical care in private institutions are not included. This card is to ask your health insurance as soon as possible since a few weeks to obtain it. In case of delay, it is possible to use the document confirming your request to validate your rights in case of problems.


Do I need health insurance as a German student?

Health insurance may seem unnecessary since you already have the European health coverage. However, the EHIC is not a full coverage, and some care is not supported. Moreover, supplementary health insurance does not cover the care themselves but also other undesirable situations! Thus, in case of problems, loss of luggage, cancellation of your flight, cancellation of your course and even your repatriation in the event of a problem can be supported by complementary health insurance. So a great way to hedge against any bad situations!

Finally, health insurance for an internship in Germany is in no case be mandatory , your European coverage sufficient in most cases. But if you want to be covered against all undesirable situations, supplementary health insurance is therefore essential. Studying abroad has set up a partnership with an insurance agency specializing in coverage of expatriate students: chapka Insurance . Featuring a special offer dedicated to students studying or doing an internship in Europe, Cape Student they offer for your type of stay in the best coverage!