The Italian Academy is an international institution of higher education for the fashion, design and photography with university-level courses. The 1st level academic courses are recognized by MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research). It also carried out graduate programs accredited by international prestigious universities in the UK.

The Italian Academy of Florence is the only private institution of higher education, working in Florence and Tuscany, authorized to issue degrees with legal value in the field of fashion and design. The Italian Academy of Rome has the same type of accreditation. The headquarters of the Italian Academy are in Florence and Rome. The school is equipped with the most modern equipment of laboratories fashion, art, photography and modeling, where students put into practice their projects. Academy collaborates with Italian institutions and universities around the world and combines academic preparation, a full immersion in the disciplines of a practical aimed at constant verification of the proposed projects.


The Italian Academy offers degree programs in: Fashion Design , Interior and Product Design , Graphic Design and Visual Communications , Photography and New Media at the headquarters of Florence, Fashion Design , Interior and Product Design , Graphic Design and Visual Communications , and Jewellery Design at its headquarters in Rome.
are active professional courses in Window Dressing , Drawing and Painting ; master courses in Art of Fashion and Product Design Furnishing at its headquarters in Florence. Additional amenities include short courses during the summer in Fashion Design , Photography , Furniture , Italian Product Design and Drawing and Painting .

Students are encouraged to participate actively in workshops, events, exhibitions, creative projects, seminars and conferences. Teachers of the Italian Academy are all professionals with many different creative fields.
‘m stylists, designers, photographers, graphic designers, who are at the service students their professional experience and this confirms the link between education and industry. At the end of the training, a job-placement office facilitates insertion into the world of work and contacts with the industries in the sector.

Starting dates : international programs starting in September, while the master classes in October.
courses accredited by MIUR begin in November. The Italian Academy provides students interested in receiving more detailed information:

* A branch dedicated open from Monday to Friday
* A telephone information service (Florence: 055-284616 / Rome: 06-68809333) and electrons
* A service oriented individual talks
* Open day in Florence, 12 June, 17 July, 2nd October, in Rome, 13 June, 18 July, 3 October .
* Guided tours “tailored”
* Updated information on the site