To go further meet the needs of students and to provide them with more and more places of aggregation and integration, as well as the study, the Milanese universities – the Polytechnic, the State, Bocconi and Catholic – have decided to stay open beyond the classic time class, in many cases, even late into the evening . This is because – says Graziano Dragoni, Director General of the Polytechnic of Milan “the university does not have to be experienced individually, but as far as possible in the community, with a view to exchange.”


Among the other universities in Milan, the Polytechnic is the one who decided to not only open in the evening, but even to offer a 24-hour 24 , seven days a week , providing students the patio of Architecture. Just present the magnetic card, which have members and university staff, and you can enter at any time. This is an experimental project, which will start next Monday and will continue until December: “The demand – continues Dragons started by the boys, many of whom now come from abroad and are used at different rates from those Italians, not to mention that in most cases, foreigners do not have the opportunity to study relying on comfort guaranteed domestic students in Milan. “

They decided to open the doors in the evening, extending the normal opening hours, even the Bocconi University and the State . The first guarantee to its members during the examination sessions, a study room open 24 hours a day. The second, however, maintain libraries of Law and Literature and philosophy and that of Veterinary Medicine open to students until 23.30, Monday to Friday. In the weekend, however, from 10 to 18. Surely by universities this will involve a great economic effort, “but as far as the Polytechnic, says Dragons we support it with conviction. ” It is a way to make the university more than the classic place “where you attend classes and exams are given.”

Finally, among the Milanese universities that have decided to put their premises available to students in the evening, it should be remembered the Catholic University , where from Monday to Thursday – you can even go to dinner. Up to 22.30 is made ​​available to the restaurant that is located in Via Necchi, recently renovated. Not only that. During the week, the headquarters of the university in Largo Gemelli, is open until 22, with a study room always accessible until 21.45.