In every job interview, no matter what position is up for grabs, the interviewer is going to ask “do you have any questions”. Your answer must be Yes. Saying “no” can really be detrimental to your chances of getting that position. Today here we provide some important tips for successful job interview.

Why is it important to ask questions? Asking questions shows you are interested in the company and position, and that you are interested in what the interviewer has to say. It shows that you have done some research and thinking about the position and want to learn more. It also shows that you have paid attention to what the interviewer has said during the job interview, since a good listener will pick up on what an interviewer has said and ask questions about that information.job interview

What might an interviewer think if you don’t ask any questions? First, it shows a lack of preparation on your part. He/she might be thinking “you couldn’t come up with even one question”? Second, it might show you don’t know enough about your chosen career to ask intelligent questions. The interviewer might be thinking you weren’t paying attention to what was said during the interview, because often a statement made will generate a question.

A suggestion I like to make is to have a list of questions mentally prepared before going into the interview, perhaps 10 to 15 questions. Many of them might be answered during the interview, so have some prepared you can ask the interviewer. Here’s one question you might consider using – if I were to get this job, what would be my primary goals and objectives for the first 90 days?

You know you’ll be asked if you have any questions – be prepared for this to show the interviewer your interest in the position and their company.