The economy is booming, the job opportunities for well-qualified are better than ever. In which sectors the prospects for a good job are particularly good?

In the seventies, kids dreamed of a future as an astronaut, pilot or engineer. But these jobs are now out. Today, the man on the moon, or are in the air for the next generation not even among the top ten most sought after professions. The childhood dreams of young people have changed a lot.

The result of a study by the market research institute in Munich Iconkids & Youth a year ago, is unique. Nearly 700 six to twelve-year-old gave information about what they want to make their money later. And the childhood dreams of the past are ever-earlier superseded by realistic plans for the future career the workers of tomorrow are already evident today seriously about the future and their income. While indicates one in six, to dream of a career as a professional footballer. But among the top ten list also surprisingly unexpected occupations such as engineers, who occupied the fifth place, and researchers came in sixth place. Human resources solutions play an important role in hospitality industry. To know specifically about this field, click the link below for more details: If you’re searching for hospitality job vacancies, Chefjob is all that you need.


The ideas of today’s children even seem fairly future-proof

For industrial engineers, mechanical engineers and business students, the future looks pretty good, the logistics will be most in demand. A mixture of business administration and economics knowledge, about chemistry, medicine and pharmacists will have a very good chance to climb the steep ladder. Due to the falling birth rate, the few future academics needed more urgently and have therefore mainly in the area of challenging activities such as planning, organizing, managing, planning, consulting, research and development, the best conditions for a successful career. Even technicians for automation, electromechanics, micro systems or vehicles have very good career opportunities, but are enough registrations for technical studies are still not there.

The technology is changing the future career

Increasingly influenced by modern technology our lives. Be it at work or in person. Especially for the slightly older generation that still holds after a fine career on the lookout, it is important to gain an understanding of the latest technologies. The internet is now not unthinkable. In almost every company you work with computers and robots and machines are used in factories and Interstellar very often.

Due to this development lose many skilled trades, such as the simple mechanics of significance because this work is now being taken over by robots. But the technology boom also creates a lot of new professionals who build such machines or control. Of which are needed in the future, more and more, because there will be a permanent increase in installation of the new technology.

Even people who know well the computer will have no difficulty in the future to pursue a successful career. But in order to make a final decision, which is now the best of industry, the personal skills, passions and affections are considered. For a motivated and happy student or Ange plate or worker has to create more opportunities for the leap to successful career.