Singapore is a special case in the world. The country now represents what is best in Asia in the field of higher education, but also in terms of economy, quality of life or professional opportunities. Many multinational companies have established their headquarters in Singapore, a multicultural city with students but also professionals from around the world. However, this ideal environment for learning has a negative aspect. The success was such that institutions are obliged to implement a drastic selection for their Masters degree programs cope with an influx of students in many applications too important.

The structure of “Master Degree” in Singapore:

Singapore has adopted a similar university system in the Anglo-Saxon model, the Masters degree programs thus represent the logical continuation of “Bachelor Degree”, the French equivalent of License and are generally 1-2 years. The teaching modules are in English, the language of Shakespeare is the national language. Master level training can continue to acquire greater knowledge in the field or fields studied in previous years while applying the knowledge gained with many practical cases.


It is possible to follow a Master program full time but part-time with programs that are spread over a longer period of time. Specificity of Singapore is that it is possible to follow Master courses with integrated Bachelor program. This means that the student returns in the first year as a student of Bachelor and completed his 4th or 5th year as a student Master. The counterpart is that it is not necessarily possible to leave the program in the way if you want to graduate. This system is very similar to the French business schools Post-Bac, which does not deliver intermediate degree between the 1st and 5th grade, thus encouraging students to pursue their entire curriculum.

The cost of a Master program in Singapore

The cost of a “Master Degree” in Singapore is difficult to evaluate comprehensively the extent of one specialty to another and from one institution to the other charges may vary from one to four. It is therefore advisable to check with the schools concerned about programs that interest you, simply visit the web portal of the institution enough most of the time to get all the information you need. Remember that the costs shown are the words “raw” costs and many scholarships are available to students joining the Master programs. Again, the best solution is to contact your host institution to find opportunities in your case.