Canada offers many training programs for international students interested in learning English. formulas in the most common language schools offer to take General English courses to acquire knowledge of the global language. Useful to quickly understand and assimilate the vocabulary and English grammar, they allow students to get all the achievements needed an excellent command of English. Added to this is the ability to reach more specialized programs such as “Business English”, which reveal business vocabulary through numerous practical case.

The General English courses in Canada:

The General English courses in Canada are designed to go deeper your overall knowledge of English. Your oral and written expression and oral comprehension and written English are greatly improved throughout the curriculum through Numerous exercises, role plays and other activities.

Formations are often divided into several formulas more or less intensive, and English courses are often provided at a minimum rate of 15 hours per week. Between the various English courses themed outdoor activities and your meetings in Canada, you will see your English improve very quickly thanks to this regular practice!


ILAC offers several programs ranging from 30 to 38 English lessons per week for a period of between 28.5 and 22.5 hours per week. Each student has a schedule dedicated by the level at which it has been assigned, and can choose the theme of English courses which he will attend during the week.

Business English training in Canada:

The Business English courses are more specific programs for mature students wishing to join the world of business. A proper level of English is often required at the entrance to these courses insofar as grammar and knowledge general no longer be addressed as main themes of the course. These programs can be considered university courses in content: analysis of relationships between companies, developing your trading skills in English, understanding of the Anglo-Saxon culture. The modules require real work staff and allow you to develop skills particularly useful in the context of an international career.

ILAC has implemented a program “Business English” to prepare you for the business world Anglo-Saxon, but also “Business Cambridge Exam.” Allowing students to evaluate in a group and mature international, you will learn everything you need to know about business English and related fields.