Germany is not a country familiar system of business schools yet present everywhere. It is only recently that the government has embarked on a reform to establish similar facilities, dedicated entirely to the world of commerce and areas that are approaching.

Germany is not a leading country in the field of MBA, at least not yet, but this is more to bring to account the relative youth of its programs rather than lack of competence in the field. For 5 years, almost 150 MBA programs have been established throughout the country, and this is only the beginning of a training offer that seems promising. Germany is known for the quality of its economy and its teaching, join an MBA program at our German neighbors seem to be an excellent solution, and a bet that is likely to be won in a few years.


International recognition of MBA in Germany

German MBA have not yet made ​​a significant place in the views of business , because of their recent launch. In contrast, the German higher education has always been represented as one of the best in Europe, and this fame undoubtedly benefit the MBA programs at German universities.

The structure of the German MBA:

German universities are aligned with the programs offered in foreign operations by providing training full-time or part-time, as well as dedicated to training professionals. Only online MBA are still underdeveloped and still have an almost non-existent supply. A full-time MBA in Germany is obtained after 18 months of education on average, while a part-time MBA will be closer to 24 months of study. At specializations available include all fields of study most requested, while some less popular does not seem to have been proposed at this time.

Key dates and submitting your application:

German universities now offer all to register online for their program which facilitates the entry of international students. It is requested to start the process at least 9 months before the expected date of return, especially because it is necessary to pass several tests require preparation, GMAT and TOEFL.

The cost of an MBA in Germany

While the university and higher education in Germany is relatively inexpensive for students, it seems that this advantage is not reproduced in the MBA programs. Thus, the institutions require between 20 000 to EUR 40 000 per year to keep an MBA program. The total cost of the program depends of course on the length of training.