Singapore has always been a country far ahead of its time, and in 2002, the quality of life even exceeded that of cities like London or New York. This advance is also reflected in the international recognition of the dedicated to higher education institutions, with many universities and schools monopolizing the top positions of the rankings in Asia see the world.

In addition, many multinational companies have taken up residence in order to develop their activities in Asia, business opportunities do not abound. About MBA programs, business schools have in Singapore are the very best, mainly due to international campuses large institutions from Europe or North America.

International recognition of MBA in Singapore:

Singapore has many accredited institutions appearing in the Financial Times global rankings , whether national or international.

Found in most sides the “National University of Singapore” national institutions or the “Singapore Management Business School” which guarantee an excellent recognition of the training output.

But it is to the “Business Schools” international that we must turn to find elite institutions, with between two other famous “Business Schools” French, ESSEC and INSEAD, part of the top 10 European .

The structure of MBA in Singapore:

MBA offered in Singapore are usually lasts between 1-2 years. They are very focused on the international average with over 90% of international students in the workforce, which promises an extraordinary experience.

The entire range of MBA programs is available in Singapore, so we find:

Full-time MBA: Program 1 year majority, requiring involvement in a short time.

MBA Part-time Program in average 2-3 years, more flexible to allow the student to continue a parallel work.

Online MBA: Program completely online asking the student a lot of autonomy and rigor.

Executive MBA: A for professionals with at least 5 years of professional experience. Near the MBA part-time, but over the weekend.

Double MBA: A dual specialization during your studies, it is possible! Warning, this kind of program is usually rather long (2-4 years).

More than fifty of specializations are available depending on the school, which leaves a choice more enjoyable for students.

Key dates and send your file:

It is advisable to start the process at least 9-12 months before the date of expected return. careful studies in Singapore usually begin in August and not in September as in France. This period should allow you to prepare your file with all documents needed to register the MBA program and the tests requested (GMAT / TOEFL) to prove your English level as well as your ability to think and logic.

Once the notice of eligibility received, you will be asked for an interview, by telephone or videoconference , in some cases see face to face. In this case now, so you will need to go to Singapore. If you try to enter several schools at the same time, arrange to pass the interviews during the same period to avoid round trips and unnecessary expenses.

The cost of an MBA in Singapore:

Registration to an MBA program fees vary from one institution to another and from one program to another. Generally, the program is more long plus costs will be high. In general, the cost of an MBA program in Singapore ranges from $ 15 000 to $ 75 000. Several scholarships are still available to international students with good results, including the GMAT, to facilitate the financing of education.