The prevailing language in the world is English. Any part of the globe where you go, besides the native language is English present.

In the modern world is so important to know English in many works is a prerequisite for access to them, also for postgraduate and master. In most professions, specialized books come in this language and to the important pages on the Internet are all in English. Thus have arisen thousands of English schools offering packages as ” learn English in six months, eight months in a year “promise grammatical fluency, verbal and oral, something that everyone who wants to learn a new language, expected. In many cases the value of these courses is very high, so the person who decides to learn English as well as separate time it must also remove a lot of money to do so.

Methods to learn English: classroom or online

Language schools recognized as Bertilz, Meyer, British Counsil, Wall Street Institute, to name a few, dictate classroom time with an intensity of at least six hours per week to ensure a good learning language with native speakers to help better pronunciation and understanding, strict schedule to which the student must adapt. On the other hand, began to emerge virtual schools as Englishtown, Sena Virtual that ensuring online classes from any computer connected without schedules and travel to physical locations in order to attend classes, well as conversations with people from all over the world. The latter can be told self-taught , because by not requiring time students take their classes in time and place that suits them without having to alter your routine with long journeys and often expensive. A great advantage of the courses online is the cost, as to join some the cost is minimal or in many cases is free.


Future of Learning English

Seeing these two ways of learning English or any language other than native, is when it’s worth asking which of the two methods is most effective? The weekly classroom schedules established direct talks with the teacher and classmates, or virtual, whose classes take to the routine of the decision-maker and there is no direct contact with the teacher and classmates but if the possibility of talks with people from anywhere in the world. Only time and experience will tell.