English is the universal language and unfamiliarity implies the exclusion of countless jobs and career opportunities.

There are different learning methods to study English but, at present, over 60% choose some method to make a home-avoiding overspending on schools and courses.

Learning English online in a natural and intuitive

Before going to school and know our own language without studying grammar rules, very intuitive and simple. This method is the attempt to apply the time to learn another language, since it is based on the natural absorption of the foreign language in a very natural. You can search for schools or tutoring support online , but the Internet also offers the user the tools necessary to embark on learning a language on his own.

Free Learning English: listening

To learn a language is essential listening. No matter how strange it may seem certain words, because the brain has enough capacity to absorb the different sounds of the new language and the recognition and association of the same.


Download podcasts and movies in original version with subtitles

There are hundreds of podcasts free on the Internet for learning English with ease without having to go through the academy . Also, another way to get familiar with the sound of language is watch movies, TV shows or original version with subtitles . The subtitle, the actions of the actors and the context help facilitate the comprehension of spoken language.

Learn English for free via the podcast

Learning English through the podcast is a very popular method in recent times. In fact, the user has the ability to download audio or video courses in English through iTunes and comfortably listen to your iPod or MP3 player. There are also other podcasts really effective and totally free as the site of resources ESL (English as a Second Language) , which undoubtedly is a very easy and inexpensive to learn the language. ‘English Podcast’ as a Second Language (ESL) has a series of dialogues that teaches the student, for example, to book a flight, ordering in a restaurant, get train tickets or plane. In short, this resource is very useful for learning to hold a conversation on simple everyday topics.

Techniques to learn English: reading books and texts

Once you begin to become familiar with the sounds, the next step is to understand the written language. The possibilities are endless: you can find pages web and blogs with a topic in English that is attractive. At first, surely not going to be easy to understand most of the text, but with the help of a program like Babylon or Google Translate can translate words and acquire a greater amount of vocabulary.

Learning to speak English fluently, the goal of all students

Fluency when speaking English is just a matter of practice. The forms are many: a conversation with native English via Skype, at least a couple of days a week is ideal for improving pronunciation. In short, you need not spend a fortune to become fluent in English. You must use your imagination as tools in the network are not lacking.

Write English correctly

Learning to write is the last stage to learn a language. In this tutorial it is necessary to study the grammar, but the fact that the language heard and read so often help you understand the correct way to write. It is perhaps the trickiest part of the language and you need a degree to further study the grammatical forms, which is essential to have a written language as accurate as possible.

The most popular methods for learning English

The methods for language learning are endless. There are many methods to learn English through an academy classroom or online . Among the most popular methods currently include, among others: the method Maurer, the method Vaughan and Callan method.

Maurer Method, English with a thousand words

Maurer’s method of distance learning is based on learning the language with only 1,000 words, at an approximate rate of 50 words per week and a period of 20 weeks. This vocabulary learned weekly beginning to circulate in different contexts and situations, learning to sentence construction and comprehension of grammatical structures.

Vaughan Method: regarded by many as the most effective

The Vaughan method consists of repeating phrases until they learn English with the help of the reverse translation and sentence construction. His classroom is based on the conversation with the sole purpose of facilitating the student’s oral expression. This method is popular because it has a number of factors that facilitate language skills: training materials, free lessons by email , contact sessions to individuals and businesses, residences and camps for children and young people, radio and television with programming in English.