The entrance test for admission to courses with a limited number of Medicine from 2000 to 2010 are illegal . At least those that took place at the university of Messina. The ruling comes from shock ‘the’ Plenary Conference of the Council of State in relation to a complaint lodged by lawyers and sponsored Udall Saints Delia and Michael Bonetti. The reason is simple: it was not respected the rule of anonymity.

According to the State Council, ” The conduct of the Commission has exceeded the threshold of critical, putting at risk all the devices prepared at the general regulatory and industry in order to ensure anonymity in the correction phase . “So to be illegal are not the entrance test as such, but the system that have taken place since it was not able to fully guarantee the anonymity of the candidates.


The case therefore concerns only the University of Messina? At the moment, yes, but it is not said. Udu In fact, starting in 2007 denounced irregularities similar throughout Italy by the Ministry of Education of the choice of giving the secret code through which you can trace the identity of the candidate on the answer sheet and throughout the competition documentation. All this without considering that the decision in question goes further, saying that.

In other words, as long as there is the risk of identifying the candidate and the test can be regarded as unlawful. This means that also other judgments such as that relating to the University of Messina could be also in view Udell because the battle is far from over. ” We call for a definitive turning point for exceeding the number of closed system that starts from the students’ proposals and resolve the situation before the system collapses on itself because of its obvious, and now demonstrated inadequacy. “said Gianluca Scuccimarra, Coordinator Union of University Students.