London Business School – LBS is a university that is among the top of the rankings that assess the quality of graduate programs of study related to the financial sector and business.It is an international education center where students go to 120 countries to undertake postgraduate courses on finance, strategy, marketing, economics, management accounting, operations management, business ethics and corporate social responsibility. To access these studies must then pass an admission test Graduate Management Admission Test.


London Business School is accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development.The degrees offered at this university are: MBA, Masters in Finance, Executive MBA, EMBA-Global, Dubai-London Executive MBA, Sloan Fellowship MSc, graduate programs, financial programs and Executive Education. You can also learn of different programs and access requirements.


This center does not have own dormitories so it has to seek their own accommodation. The search for an apartment or a room in London is relatively easy as there is a wide range. However, our budget will determine whether we can afford to share a flat or rent a single apartment and the area where we live. At the University Programmes Office Finance Department will provide information on what type of accommodation suited us well as the area where we want to live.

Cost of living:

To be admitted to this center is not easy but once passed the testing requirements and must ensure that we can afford to pay tuition and living expenses of living in London. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is best to plan the possible expenses that have and make sure it has sufficient financial resources for the entire stay.

The cost of living depends on the lifestyle that takes and the type of accommodation you choose. The center recommends a monthly budget of £ 1.100 – £ 1.300 for all expenses (accommodation, food, transportation. Most of the budget is allocated to housing, cost will vary depending on type. We estimate that renting an apartment a week costs about 200-250 pounds and if you share an apartment in the figure may be around £140 – £170.

The estimated expenditure on the consumption of water, electricity and gas is around £ 20 per week, to which must be added the expenses, between £ 25 and £ 30 a week. Beyond the daily life, you must also consider the cost of social life (from £ 35 to £ 40 per week). In addition to tuition fees, you must also purchase the material for study and books to continue their studies at the university, which involves an investment of £ 250 per academic year.

The British agency Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) annually publishes a document which provides detailed information on the general cost of living in the UK, specially designed for international students. You can also consult the study guide in the UK of EducationUK or the British Council.