Cost of Living:

The economic issues are a major concern of all students, much more if traveling from another country. To not pass hard times it is best to make sure it has enough purchasing power to survive for as long as will the studies and also to take care of tuition fees can be addressed cost of living in London, a of the most expensive cities in the world. A good financial plan will save us many headaches and we can concentrate better in school. As guidance, we note that the estimated average cost is £ 1000 per month, a figure which does not include the cost of the studies will take.

London School of Economics


As important as the monitoring of the classes is getting a good place to live in London. To facilitate the search, the London School of Economics has a full office accommodation(Accommodation Office) which provides information and advice about accommodation from the university and others outside the school. Given the large number of students, the LSE can not guarantee all students a place in one of its residence halls. This accommodation is usually preferred in the early years in college and can be performed in any of the following residences, both run by the LSE as other network shared with the colleges of the University of London :
LSE Residences
•Anson Road
•Bankside House
•Butlers Wharf
•Carr-Saunders Hall
•Grosvenor House
•High Holborn
•Lilian Knowles
•Northumberland House
•Passfield Hall
•Rosebery Hall
•Sidney Webb House

Intercollegiate Residences ( University of London )

•College Hall
•Connaught Hall
•International Hall
•Lillian Penson Hall
•Nutford House
Halls Garden

•Canterbury Hall
•Commonwealth Hall
•Hughes-Parry Hall

In practice, most graduate students prefer to opt for accommodation in private homes , which offer greater independence and flexibility as well as more affordable prices. The main drawback for international students is that in most cases can not be booked from the country of origin, as well as interviews with the owners is advisable to see before the floor. If you decide on this type of accommodation it is best to travel to London with a minimum of two weeks in advance. On page NetletLSE contains a database of places available and relevant information about the process of rent in the UK.