An internship is intended to further professional qualifications. In an x-any internship but it can quickly come to nasty surprises.

Surely you can avoid disappointment despite all precautions are not always one hundred percent. However, there are some points that should be the tick if you are looking for a suitable placement.

How do I find the right placement

Very important is the reputation of the company. It is also advisable to make inquiries in this regard on the Internet. Sometimes forums are set up, providing information on the suitability of a placement in detail. This can help to commit a rash mistake. The next step of looking at the website of the company is helpful. How many employees are there? In general, it may well be that at a minimum number of employees there is a risk that the trainee is being abused as a full working capacity. This is not the purpose of the internship, as a trainee should first learning to the fore! A column in the search are also websites such as the DGB youth . Here are a lot of information about available internship killed. In addition, business valuations and simultaneously experiences of former interns are seeing or discharged.


The interview

If the number of employees is not to be found on the website of the company, they can ask in the interview. It is important to all of the conditions that are addressed to the opposite whether employer or trainee to speak directly. Ultimately, this is a verbal agreement, so that both parties must abide not necessarily in it unfortunately. Who does not mind the employer, the trainee, in most cases the victims. What the employer to clarify with the student during the interview should also still have the duration of the placement and the payment of the interns.

Like any other employee benefit to the trainee a placement agreement and a training certificate. Attention! There are cases where employers encourage the trainees to create their own testimony. But this is certainly not the job of the trainee. Loud and clear, the trainee must inform the employer about what their learning objectives for the duration of the internship it is best to create a practical plan and if possible make sure that this is adhered to.

During the internship

An internship is a support and a contact person during the internship. This is to ensure that the training plan is followed. The student should expand his knowledge and skills from the beginning to the end of the internship. Should be avoided, that vice versa geschafften sustained monotony. Hangs on the wall as a piece of paper, in which all steps that are listed there, every day, repeated again and again without any prospect of new exciting work?