“Today I wanted to tell you some things, but it does not seem possible, as you see we are not alone. For the moment I wish only to say that I love you very much, “he writes. She reads the note , blush. It does read the boyfriend, who out of jealousy begins to cover insults by e-mail the ‘odd man out’. So far any love affair, were it not that the suitor is a professor at the University of Urbino and its target student . The fact happened to Carlo Bo has therefore caused quite a stir and even a little ‘scandal, attracting the attention of the media.

Scandal perhaps exaggerated, given that in the corridors of the University of Urbino is said by the professor, there were never any advances , no sexual approach or even blackmail or indecent proposals to the address of the student. In short, the innocent ticket testify just falling in love. However, in the university have taken it pretty bad: the representation of students in the Academic Senate spoke of a boundary that should never be exceeded, that between teacher and student, and violation of Article 5 of the Code of Ethics of the university, which is why which the professor was sanctioned with a public recall, adopted unanimously by the Senate.


Why all this fuss? Because the ticket professor was photocopied and circulated by the boyfriend of the student, quickly making the rounds of the university and the news from the corridors of the university was held by the newspapers first local, then national. Creating a clamor exaggerated, says the rector of the University of Urbino, Stefano Captivator. In fact, although not very appropriate – given the circumstances – the gesture of the professor, we are far from episodes itchy and less clear that you hear from time to time rumor in many universities.

Of the whole affair, then, what is perhaps the most indignant craving for gossip of some newspapers and websites, ready to transform into spicy news also an episode that does not seem to have anything for the contours of indecency. Meanwhile, the teacher at the center of the ‘scandal’ has sued the boyfriend of the student recipient of the love note for insults.