Education is an asset that will never expire, even if you use it daily! A coveted course can be a launch pad that catapults you into a sphere of jobs so respected and well-paying that you’d experience massive changes in your living standards immediately once you begin treading on the path of your career. Every year, millions of graduates and post graduates join their respective jobs in the UK. However, only one fifth of these fresh recruits enter the rewarding career paths that the industries and companies in UK offer. The courses that these students complete before entering their careers govern the worth of their jobs, and that is why courses for Masters Degree in accounting and finance are witnessing massive influx of applications every session. Let’s explore the underlying reasons behind this massive preference that students have for accounting and finance related Masters Courses in the UK.

The grand daddies of finance and accounting are calling – are you listening?

Names such as KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, and Ernst & Young can make hardcore finance specialists drool with the thought of being able to work for these companies. The kind of businesses that these consultancy powerhouses are serving makes their reach span over the entire globe, with integral head offices in the major countries and cities of the world. A city like London has sprawling offices of these auditing powerhouses, and the kinds of job profiles that these recruiters hand out to students who successfully clear their Masters degree in accounting and finance are among the world’s most desirable ones.

The world’s most respected universities offering the world’s most coveted accounting and finance Masters Courses

Just the tag of being a pass-out from the London School of Economics is enough to get you through the hiring gates of the multinational corporations of the likes mentioned above. Imagine having the opportunity to enroll in a Masters degree in accounting and finance being offered by one of the many revered universities in UK. The University of Glasgow is another renowned university offering such courses. Then, there are education powerhouses such as universities of Leeds, Bath, Exeter and Warwick, all of which offer finance and accounting courses that can speed track you on your way to a career that not many can boast of.

An ever expanding network of service lines creating unmatched job opportunities all across the country

Jobs that follow Masters Courses in accounting and finance are not only about consulting firms. Apart from auditing and consulting firms, there are multinational banks that have their headquarters in cities spread across the lengths and breadths of UK. This makes the country a magnet of sorts for students who are interested in making enviable careers in the fields of accounting and finance. For students who have the academic firepower and will to sweat it out in the high profile jobs in the fiercely competitive banking industry, only sky is the limit in their flight for glory and success. Taxation, accounting, investment banking, trading, funds management, insurance, retail banking, and management consultancy – all these service lines attract massive budgets from corporate entities, and that’s why jobs centered on these services are so highly paying. Your Master’s degree in accounting and finance will open up the gates to jobs from all these service lines.