Are you a student who holds a bachelor degree, but do not wish to take the specialist? Or you have finished the specialist but cannot find the job you want so much? Then the solution for you is to try to enroll in a Master of specialization . The master, in fact, offer excellent opportunities to learn about and better integrate into the working world. Here’s how and why attend a Master’s degree qualification.


First of all, we begin to say what is a Master. A Master is an advanced course that enriches the university student and eventually issuing an academic qualification that is a great business card to enter the world of work. The Master of post-graduate specialization are divided into Master of I and II level , depending on whether they are aimed at those who have a Bachelor’s degree or those who have completed a Master’s Degree or Specialist. The selection is vast and it is not always easy to find in this “jungle”; also, can last from a few months up to two years! Masters are usually organized by public universities with the support of Community funds or by private institutions. The difference in cost … ..sta: enrollment in private Master can be very expensive! Fortunately, many universities are able to access funds for the formation of the European Social Fund, and organize Master of a good standard offering students access to scholarships that have the advantage of significantly reducing the cost of the course.

In any case, usually every Master is organized in a way that ensures students a first contact the business realities and work of its territory. It is this feature of key importance in order to find work at the end of the course. In fact, in addition to being useful tools for the study of issues related to the working world that are rarely discussed at the university, the Master will give you the opportunity to know many people who work in companies and institutions operating in the sector in which the Master is dedicated . And that, very often, gives more opportunity for participants to become known and to demonstrate their interest and their passion to possible future employers.

There are different types of Master also as regards the frequency of participation: there are Master two obligatory frequencies (those which usually require a frequency of 75% of the classes or more), Master frequency part time and also online Master whose lessons you can follow from the comfort of home using your computer. Clearly, a Master university attendance is mandatory, although it is more demanding in terms of participation, often turns out to be even more valuable in terms of training. Another opportunity that can offer a Master is to be able to enter in a company as an intern . Usually at the end of the training experience is required in order to pass the course, making an internship at a partner company. In fact, come from a Master with which the company works is a ” guarantee “for the company itself and this is sometimes easier than the stage made ​​at the conclusion of a Master you can offer the real possibility of a lasting work, rather than an internship done in other contexts.