An MBA is a degree of Anglo-Saxon origin Postgraduate level in the field of trade and communication. MBA stands for “Masters of Business Administration.” This is one of the most popular courses to students worldwide, and many countries, including France, have adopted this degree in their schools. The MBA degree is also recognized as a springboard for the careers of students, who naturally tend to stations Managers or high Leaderships. It is more than 2,500 MBA programs are offered in the world today, but not all the same! In addition, there is no an MBA in particular, but many specializations and capabilities across programs and schools. You choose the one that suits you best!

Great recognition among companies:

The MBA is also one of the most sought after degrees by its value and recognition to companies. Whatever the industry or economic conditions of the country, the program will allow you to stand out and get the best positions. The majority being taught in English, it is also a great way for international students to improve their language skills.

Why join an MBA program?

The MBA aims to provide its students with all the necessary knowledge, whether theoretical or applied, which will subsequently be used in administrative and managerial positions. But these benefits do not stop only to trade, and many graduates work in government organizations or the public sector.


The contributions of the MBA program:

When you join an MBA program, you will develop new skills including: Control of the “Business” MBA’s primary goal to give you all the necessary knowledge in business and administration. You will master all aspects generals out of your degree. A true “Leadership” The MBA will learn to lead, communicate effectively impose your decisions, negotiate, manage a team, submit a proposal, write reports, and cope with problems. This will allow you to assert yourself as the leader in the face of less competent employees. A network of opportunities: The alliance you form with your fellow training and the global network of the school is priceless. This will open doors that you never have opened otherwise, see you would not even knew existed.

The genesis of the program and its evolution in the world:

MBA programs were first developed in the United States, and have been offered by U.S. institutions from 1900. Even today, the MBA degrees awarded in the U.S. in the best institutions are more valuable on the world market than those offered any other country. Thus thousands of international students each year decide to go to the United States to attend one of these programs to continue in their career best. The MBA program has been created as the United States takes two years to learn everything you need to know about the business and administration. But in Europe, when it was introduced in the 1960s, most programs last year see 10 months to meet a different need of the students.

Changes in the MBA program:

The MBA is a degree focusing on the competitiveness of its students on the job market for high-level posts. He therefore had to adapt on an ongoing basis to better meet the needs of businesses and students.Programs were shortened with the advent of MBA in 1 year. Competitive market training and education is such that it is sometimes necessary to provide effective programs cost less important. Programs a year reduce the fees and allow faster return on the labor market.

The MBA also always been full-time programs, but the cost may be too large and the purpose of an open door policy, programs have adapted. There are now MBA part-time over a longer duration, modular MBA adapting to the needs of the student, MBA with international academic exchanges, the online MBA or distance MBA.