Join an MBA program in Canada:

Canada has integrated MBA programs quickly within its business schools , and is now one of the best destinations for this type of training. Many schools offer programs monopolizing the top spots in world rankings, and the Canadian MBA graduates are part of managers receiving an average of the best salaries in the output of the diploma. Most “Business School” Canada now have a global influence on the same level as the best “Business School” U.S. and are in direct competition to recruit the best international students.

The specificities of Canadian MBA

Apart from a salary and a very high while two insertion rate for Canadian students to the release of their MBA, Canada also has the distinction of having many MBA students studying in the part of a PHD. These students then become researchers in the field of media, commerce or of Finance. Keep in mind that the “docs” PHD holders are much valued in Canada and France. Attitudes are generally very different and more companies are looking profiles doctoral students, while in France the value of a “PHD” is often misperceived.


The international recognition of Canadian MBA

Canadian MBA are on the same level as U.S. MBA for their recognition in the international job market. Wage levels as well as the insertion of graduates rate is broadly similar, thanks to the close relationship very important maintained by “Business School” Canadian companies with international reputation.

The structure of Canadian MBA

Canadian MBA cover all the different types of programs available , namely full-time training, part-time, online and for professionals. Training spread over periods ranging from 10 months to 2 years depending on your choice, although the MBA reference remains the original MBA full time in two years. Specificity of Canadian universities to offer programs combined four years for both to get an MBA but one second specialization in a field more or less related. We find in particular the fields of medicine, law, agriculture or engineering.

Key dates and submitting your application:

The Canadian business schools do not require specific documents at registration, other than those usually required when sending the file. It is advisable to start the process at least 12 months before the expected date of return, several tests such as the GMAT or TOEFL is to move to assess your language level and your thinking skills and logic. Most universities now offer online registration through their portal, and making life easier for international students.

The cost of MBA in Canada:

Canada is a relatively expensive country for studies and MBA programs are not considered to be particularly accessible. It will therefore be between EUR 10 000 to EUR 80 000 per year to join a training in a Canadian school of commerce, with an average located around 25 000 euros per year. The total cost of training depends on many factors, starting with the total duration, reputation of the program, the host institution or program specifics.