International students joining Mexico must have a health insurance before you leave. Such insurance will be required by the host university as it is compulsory. You will need to send it before your departure, where the supply when you arrive in the hotel.

Several conditions are necessary in obtaining your health insurance. particular, it must cover the entire duration of your studies , as well as certain minimum amounts in case of problems, as a minimum coverage of $ 30 000 for the incident.

Beware of offers provided by Mexican universities , they are often more expensive than their counterparts in France. Most Mexicans institutions offer insurance at around 350 euros per semester, while the French equivalents rarely exceed 200 euros! It is therefore advisable to turn to the French organizations for your student insurance before studying in Mexico.

Study abroad recognized as a partner Chapka insurance for trips abroad, and we recommend the formula Cap Student to study from Mexico. If you are under a special treatment , it is necessary to take with you all medications and treatments needed and a prescription from your doctor to recover in case of need and justify the products that you carry at security checks at the airport.


Suggestions to avoid any health problem in Mexico:

Several recommendations are to be followed to avoid easily the most recurring health problems of students and foreigners in Mexico.

* Do not eat in places not respecting the rules of hygiene.
* Do not drink tap water. Ridge boil or buy bottled spring water.
* At the beginning of your trip, avoid all vegetables and fruits have been washed in tap water.
* Avoid uncooked vegetables and unwashed.
* Avoid food too spicy. It is up to you to test and adjust your intake based on what your body accepts it or not.
* Wash your hands very regularly.

In case of health problems, consult a doctor as soon as possible, do not leave. Universities have infirmaries hosting students throughout the week.