The Monash University Prato Centre was inaugurated on September 17 2001, with the support of the Tuscany Region and the Municipality of Prato, who have helped to create at Palazzo Vaj, and the generous support of Rino and Diana Grollo.
Professor Bill Kent, refined scholar of Italian Renaissance, has directed the Center since its founding in the early years (2000-2004).
From 2005 to 2008 the Center was directed by Dr Annamaria Pagliaro, an expert on Italian Literature 800 and 900, which has contributed to the growth of the Monash Centre since its foundation.
Professor Loretta Belshazzar was recently appointed as the new Director of the Monash University Prato Center.

Monash University


The Centre’s activities are directed by the Meadow Advisory Group, chaired by Professor Stephanie Fahey, pro-rector for International Business at Monash University. Sir James Gobbo is the guarantor of the Monash University Prato Centre.
-the development and expansion of relationships with universities, governments, businesses and cultural organizations in Europe;
-the development and growth of study abroad opportunities for students from Monash University or other Australian universities;
-act as a meeting point between Europe and Asia for representatives from academia, politics and industry of the two continents;
-open a window on Australia, encouraging seminars and events to analyze the political, historical and cultural activities in Australia and give account of the productive, technological and artistic works of the Australian continent.

Several programs of study offered by the Prato Centre is aimed at both students at Monash University and students from partner institutions. The frequency of these courses allows students to see the partner universities recognized in their curricula the credits gained.
Students from other universities can access the programs of study offered by Monash University in Prato individual is attending both as a single discipline admitted students in exchange programs with Monash University. Please check the admission requirements for each course.
Another possibility is to study at Monash with an exchange or as a student abroad.


It is the responsibility of the staff and the students from abroad inform you personally about the visa requirements obtain the necessary documentation and take the necessary precautions. For general information on visa types and procedures, consult the Embassy or Consulate english in the country of origin.
The most recent regulatory focus on immigration in Italy, with particular attention to students and residence permits, is organized as follows: E ‘from now essential to ensure that all foreigners who come to study in a course at accredited academic Monash University in Prato have the appropriate requirements for visas. These are:
a) A visa to the student by the competent Italian Consulate. Note: to admit a minimum of 3 weeks for the permit visa.
b) Within 8 days of arrival in Italy, storing the declaration of presence (for a stay of less than 90 days) to the police station / police, or ask permission to stay (for stays longer than 90 days).
c) Note: To obtain a visa for students is an additional cost. Please liaise directly with the competent Cosola.
Agreement Schengen Visas: visa provided by a Schengen State authorizes entry or transit for a short period in the Schengen area for a period not exceeding 90 days. If the applicant holds a residence permit provided by a Schengen State, he is authorized to enter Italy for a short period not exceeding 3 months for reasons other than employment or training.