What was your position and your duties in your home business?

The course that I found in San Francisco was an internship as “Marketing Coordinator” in a real estate agency in the city. The company gathered nearly 25 employees working with different schedules. I acted as a support to help real estate agents, and I mainly the following tasks:

* Marketer / communicate their properties
* To advertise on real estate sites
* A study of competition (competitive intelligence benchmark)
* Make presentations during weekly meeting with agents

An experience that you’ve marked in particular?

It was an association for real estate agents in San Francisco that rewards the best sellers. Initially, they select the officers who obtained the best results from each real estate agency in town, and everyone should make a presentation in front of a jury. The best agent of the city is elected and promoted as such. In our case, the students attended the agent for the entire preparation of the presentation, and we even ended up winning!


You should know that to be real estate agent in the United States, there is just one exam to pass that lasts about a day. And once the examination obtained, they are free enough and can work as they wish. They depend on an agency but they are on their own. The agency helps especially in marketing (publish announcements, send letters, send postcards).

What feedback have you got to give us your internship?

I really enjoyed my internship in San Francisco! of times, my manager did not give me any project. So, I took the initiative, I went to see the agents know what they needed. In the end, I created my own projects and I presented him thereafter. We were four students in the business, and there was not always a task for everyone. I was able to connect with the agents progressively and in the end it was they who came to see me to give me things to do.

The atmosphere of the company was great. Everyone was super nice, behind you, and ready to support you. We worked as a team with two or three members, even though the agents were paid to individual commission! In the meetings, the CEO avoided speaking of numbers, highlight top sellers to keep everyone on an equal footing.