Academic advantage:

Nanyang Technological University is a research-intensive universities, science and engineering with a solid foundation for a strong advantage with an international reputation. Located in western Singapore, South Campus, “Yunnan Garden” is the first Chinese in Southeast Asia University – the birthplace of Nanyang University, Nanyang glorious heritage of the ancestors pour zixing science and pioneering spirit of courage. Nanyang Technological University School of four categories, the four major colleges formed by the 12 colleges. Composed of six colleges of Engineering focused on technology innovation, and international reputation.

Nanyang Technological University

College of Life Sciences in Singapore and science in a leading position. Nanyang Business School offers the best in the world of business management courses. College of Liberal Arts with Singapore’s first Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. Wee Kim Wee School of Asian Communication and Information Communication and Information College one of the best. The Academy of the late Wee Kim Wee , Ph.D. named. Dr. Huang Jinhui, a former President of Singapore, is also highly respected reporters and diplomats.

Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information for the spread of Asia’s most prestigious institutions of education and research, with a four-year Bachelor degree Communication Studies courses provide students with a solid theoretical foundation and practical communication media skills training. Students have the opportunity to develop a wide range of different communication interest, select News & publishing, electronic and broadcast media, public communication or dissemination of research and promotion-based courses.

Graduates who are serving the media and information communication industry or pursue advanced studies courses.
College vision is to become Asia’s leading academic centers of Humanities and Social Sciences, as knowledge is developed and the progress of human life make a valuable contribution. And South of science and technology complement each other, the College offers both depth and breadth of undergraduate education, and provide all students with a rich cultural and intellectual agitation.
Nanda, “Master of Public Administration” and “Management Master of Economics” course, for China to develop a large number of government decisions with a global vision of senior management talent and business professionals, today known as the prestigious China and the world’s most effective “Chinese City long course. “