Changes ahead for the graduates of the University of Palermo. The university Sicilian fact, abolished the thesis for the degree courses and to become “doctor first level” will now be necessary to support a final test consisting of a written test answers or open a paper of no more than 30 pages that will be assessed by a commission. The individual Boards of degree course can decide which of the two tests predict the end of the study also decide to include them both. The reform, approved by the Academic Senate of the University, will enter into force by the summer session of academic year 2013/2014.

The final exam will replace the three-year thesis will take place at least 30 days before the date of commencement of the graduation session, during which there will be only the announcement of the neon-doctors. For students who have already applied for allocation of the thesis will be possible within the limits imposed by resolution of the Board of their studies, decide whether to participate in the written test or be assigned an elaborate shortly.


It remains mandatory thesis with final public examination at the end of the degree programs and those single cycle. The motivation of this reform is explained by Professor Vito Ferro, vice chancellor vicar of ‘ University of Palermo, according to which “this resolution, the Senate sought to re-establish the difference, under the present legislation, between the final test, which corresponds to a allocation from 3 to 6 credits, and the thesis of degree which must have a requirement for originality and has an allocation of credits that can reach up to 40 credits. ” The pro-rector Iron also stated that “the university is a software will also deploy anti-plagiarism to verify the originality of the text of degree. ”

If many students emit a sigh of relief, for others the decision of the University of Palermo represents the loss of a very important milestone in the course of their university career. Many Italian universities have chosen to support its students a written test or have them draw up a short paper for obtaining the bachelor’s degree, according to the provisions of the reform 270 of 2004 by former Minister of Education, Letizia Moratti, who wanted to highlight, despite the abandonment of one cycle of five years, as the degree was the natural continuation of the first level. Intent that contrasted with the emphasis on the 3 +2 system which aimed to give importance and autonomy to the degree in terms of marketability of the work.