This year for the International Day for the right to education , which takes place every November 15th, the Italian university have decided to organize a mobilization to protest the national stability law currently under discussion in Parliament and the new system of turnover , accused of penalizing the universities of the South The day of student protest coincides with the general strike called by the unions. Adhere to mobilize the majority of student organizations.

The students have decided to take to the streets to urge the Government to “a real turnaround for school, university and work, “as stated in a joint statement of the Union of University Students (Udu) and the Network of high school students. This time I particularly young people of the South to have the claims and the day of mobilization is also an opportunity for them to ask the Minister Maria Chiara Carrozza to save the southern universities , at risk due to the new system of turnover and ‘ allocation of resources based on merit.


The student day of action on November 15 began at dawn with a blitz front of the Ministry of Education, University and Research. Students participating can Dudu unfurled a banner with the slogan of the day, ‘Change the way’ , in front of the main entrance of the ministry and hung in various parts of the Capital a list of 10 questions put to the Minister Carrozza.

During the marches of the morning, there have been some tensions in Rome , where they were arrested two members of the student block in Piazza Santi Apostoli for trying to force the police cordon and head toward the Capitol, offices and the forces of ‘ order to Bologna , to block the initiative of some groups of demonstrators, who were headed i House, headquarters of the province, trying to enter it.

The discontent of the students who took to the streets is the result of the continuing cuts which for years have been the subject of school and university. Cuts often ‘masked’ , as is clear from the story of the increase of 150 million in the Ordinary Fund (FFO), which – in addition to not represent even half of the funds cut by the previous government – will be more than offset by savings resulting from ‘ extension of the block of turnover until 2018. In short, complain students participating in the day of action on November 15, it gives with one hand and take away with the other.

And the South is even worse, so much so that college students southern fear a slow agony of the universities in the South. The gap between universities in the North and the South, in fact, is increasing and the latest tables for the allocation of ‘organic points’ – with which they are distributed rates of recruitment available to each university to cover retirements – showed that the turnover in the universities of southern happen almost anywhere with a dropper, putting at risk the education and services and thus penalizing the preparation of students. The mobilization today is thus also a way to urge the Minister to reconsider Carrozza some decisions that, according to the students, penalize and marginalize even further the most depressed areas of the country already.