More and more number closed : for the academic year 2013-2014 it will hit 57.3 percent of the total amount of training, an increase of about three percentage points with respect to intended. a. 2012-2013. In addition to courses degree program at national level, in fact, more and more universities decide to put a barrier to entry for other courses of study.

Not only Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Architecture / Building Engineering-Architecture, Primary Education and Health Professions: almost 6 out of 10 degree programs provide for the planned access and, therefore, the performance of the much-disputed admission test . And there are even universities such as the universities of Palermo, Catania, Catanzaro and Calabria in which the entire training first level is limited.


A strike is above all the fact that the increase of the degree courses for a limited number is accompanied by the dramatic decline in registrations and to put more limits to the entries are just the schools of the South, the most affected the hemorrhage of freshmen. While in the universities of the North in 2013-2014 courses planned access to the national or local level will be 40.2 percent, the South there will be a selective entry test in 63 percent of the undergraduate program or one cycle.

How to explain, then, the increase of the degree courses for a limited number? The programming of the accesses, in fact, offers universities a series of advantages . First allows you to select students better prepared and motivated, which has a positive effect on productivity . In addition, reducing the number of freshmen optimizes the use of the facilities, to improve the relationship between the number of teachers and the students and help the integration of graduates in the labor market.

But what matters most is that the limited number of causes that universities increase their revenues. To support the various admission tests, in fact, candidates are required to pay a contribution , which varies depending on the university chosen and that the average is around 50 euro . In this way universities manage to grab enough resources to cope with the cuts that plague the system for years of tertiary education and run educational activities. The downside, however, is that every student is having to shell out a not inconsiderable sum, especially if you think that many people try more than an admission test.