Form will allow unemployed people to become active and interesting added value for companies that offer work.

The current crisis will be remembered for its impact on the labor market. The consequences that entails for the welfare state are not exactly encouraging. At this point, is the joint responsibility of all make the labor market in a dynamic and sustainable to continue enjoying the benefits obtained in the recent history of the Spanish state, in the case of workers, training is the only tool allow them to add value to their profile as future employees of companies.

The employment situation in Spain

The need for labor reform in Spain is supported by the high unemployment that continue in the latest labor force survey . A fifth of the unemployed it is not an encouraging sign for an economy as promising as once it was Spanish. Contested by the unions and applauded by European bodies, the measures so far undertaken does not respond to a clear outline of active employment. Now, the fact that few have not done their homework, does not relieve the other to fulfill their obligations, especially if they will result in personal gain.


Training, an active policy of employment creation

Provides training in this regard, a solution for the two main needs of workers in a situation like the present: on the one hand, can be used to achieve greater specialization in a field and on the other, offers the possibility of extending spectrum of skills you can offer to the vendors of employment. The amount of unskilled labor that came to be requested in the labor market during the golden years of construction industry has placed the worker’s average profile below its true potential. The key, when the storm abates, to get a good job and make their own bit to the construction of the general welfare requires the creation of new profiles, capable of responding to demands and to ensure real competitiveness individuals in this market.

The double edge expertise to enter the labor market

A worker with a highly specialized curriculum is less likely to be unemployed, but at a time like the present, in which labor demand has far exceeded supply, with consumption rates plummeting, anyone can be in the position of having to search and find a new job. A curriculum of this type could be a great help for those seeking new employment in the sector where he has developed his professional life, but in the case of being forced to seek work in a different sector, that overspecialization can weigh like a millstone.

Expand the skills that you can play has the obvious drawback that you can not deepen as much as most of them in the main, already is by vocation or experience. Moreover, an advantage to have knowledge, although basic, other fields besides their own. In a situation like this, the worker must enhance their capacity to be used with the resources available to it. And training is surely the best of them.