Ohio University welcomes international students. To be admitted to this university, international students will be considered by a number of points:

Completion of four years of secondary education: the results, examinations or class rank.
The completion of a preparatory course for study at university
SAT Test Results
Extracurricular Activities
Proficiency in English

Ohio State University

To study at the University of Ohio have to have a level of English that allows you to explore, communicate and live without problems. Each university will work presented in English. To help students only admit students who have done tests TOEFL or MELAB.


The university offers 31 residences within the campus. The University says that students living in residence halls have better results than those living off campus. It is unique in offering its students when they have to choose your accommodation. There are homes for people who want to live with others of the same profile: graduates, postgraduates, students in intensive courses, etc.. There are also special residences for students interested in the unique challenges of African Americans, and there are residences where you can work to reduce expenses and rent.

Each residence comes with good facilities. They have access to 71 cable television stations, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and clothes dryers. Residences also have access to weight rooms, ping-pong tables, pianos, pool tables …. Here are some of the services available. To view a map of the residences and where they are located in reference to the classrooms and facilities. The page has links to each residence with more details and room rates. There is also information available if you want cooked meals included in the price.

Useful links

Home of the residences
Accommodation prices in Ohio
Things you need to bring and others who can forget
Send an email to the housing office

Contact for Students:

From this office will provide all necessary assistance and information to help you fit on a college campus and more. You can request information, not just the classes and subjects, but also important aspects for a pleasant stay, such as housing, jobs and sports. Further information on the website of Ohio State University dedicated to his students’ office international.