Australia is not only famous for the sprawling beaches and unique animals, but it is also an excellent place for higher education. Various Australian universities rank in the Top-50 institutions for higher education across the world.

They attract students for quality education and world-class infrastructure. However, many students have some questions in mind when it comes to choosing between on or off-campus accommodation. Moreover, some Australian Universities do not have in-house stay for students. 

Here’s a guide on how to choose between on or off-campus accommodation.

On-Campus Accommodation: When the college or university offers a hostel to accommodate its own students, it is called on-campus accommodation. The hostel is located within the premise of the university or college. Many universities allot apartments for overseas married students, especially if they are pursuing a Master’s degree or doctorate programs.

Off-Campus Accommodation: When you stay away from your university or college, like in a rented house, it is called an off-campus accommodation. In the case of off-campus housing, it is the student who has to make arrangements for their stay.

Advantages of On-Campus Accommodation: On-Campus accommodation has a lot of benefits. 

  • Proximity to College or University: This is the most significant advantage of staying within the university campus. You do not need to travel to reach your institution. It helps you save a lot of time that you can utilize in your studies. You can avoid the hassle of taking a bus or a metro ride.
  • Safety: Staying within the campus is relatively safer as security guards are attending the visitors round the clock. There are CCTV cameras installed to guard the students, and further, ensure their security.
  • Stay in Group: If you stay within the campus, you will find more students. Imagine staying with ten other students. Isn’t it a great experience getting to experience your college life with other college mates? As a student, you would love discussing studies, life, dreams, and more with people who go through the same struggle. On-campus staying gives you that opportunity.

Disadvantages of On-Campus Accommodation

  • Less freedom: When you stay within the campus, you have less freedom since there will always be someone monitoring your activities, guiding, and disciplining you. You can’t go out as and when you want. You have to abide by the hostel rules always. 
  • No privacy: When you stay in a college hostel, you share your private space with multiple people. At no point in time would you find a space for yourself only. You may have to share your room with more than just one roomie, which means you will have no privacy. 

Advantages of Off-Campus Accommodation

There are many advantages to staying off-campus. Here are the top advantages.

  • Freedom: When you stay off-campus, you have the freedom to choose where to stay. You can enjoy your life and break free. You can decide to go out late in the evening and enjoy the nightlife Australia has to offer with your friends. 
  • Privacy: Many students like to stay off-campus because they don’t like a crowd. If you decide to stay outside the college premises, you can choose a place where no one will disturb you.
  • Better Amenities: When you stay in a college hostel, you get bored with the food and simpleton amenities. There are exclusive student accommodations built by Iglu around top Australian Universities, where students can find better food and facilities. 

If you manage to find off-campus accommodation with great security features somewhere near your college, then nothing like it! You get the freedom plus the luxury with no room for discomfort!