UNITE offers the first official master degree in early childhood education in the form of online education across Europe. Its objective form teachers who have a global vision of Education.

If you’re a Diploma in Education and would like to get the degree, you have the ability to recognize subjects. Our consultants will help you set up your personal plan. We offer a high quality training, core subjects completing the degree with specific training in information technology, languages ​​and skills. With this online degree is intended to achieve the following knowledge and skills in teaching :

* Promote and facilitate learning in early childhood
* Design and regulate learning spaces in contexts of diversity
* Understand the evolution of language in early childhood
* Identify possible dysfunctions
* To ensure the correct development of the student
* Meet the educational implications of the technologies of information
* Fostering coexistence in the classroom and beyond
* Knowing the organization of early childhood education schools
* Knowing functioning internal school


This online degree will enable teachers to practice in during the stage of early childhood education in both public schools and private and private throughout the geographic scope of the European Higher Education Area ( EHEA ). It is imperative that the student certifies a B1 level in a foreign language , according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(according to ECI/3854/2007 ORDER of December 27 ), before finishing the degree of Master of Education Children to get the title. From UNITE will help you prepare for this test level with our language courses comfortably and following the methodology of UNITE.

In the case of students with functional diversity, the university put at your disposal all the necessary resources to carry out their studies successfully. When finished, you will get the official title of university graduate Teacher in Early Childhood Education, which will give access to Master studies. Keep forming you to finish the grade! notices in English, religion, therapeutic pedagogy, music education and physical education. Choose the ones that interest you and expand your career opportunities.


* Duration : 4 years
* Current Squad: November 11, 2013 View Calendar. CLOSE CALL.
* Next call: March 3rd, 2014 View Calendar
* Methodology : distance education, 100% online
* Proctored exams at the end of each semester. View our locations
* ECTS credits : 240
* Discipline: Social Sciences and Law (Faculty of Education)
* Mandatory practices in schools
* Discount up to 15%. Dig.

ECTS credits value

Basic training: 100
Required: 60
Optional: 30
Practice external: 36
Final Project: 14
Total credits: 240