Earning a degree is not easy and this concept are aware of all those who attended the university and managed to reach the target. Today, thanks to the Internet, there are many universities online, through which you can graduate (preventing fraud) and, hence, have a greater chance of inclusion in the workplace. In Italy there are many websites that allow you to enroll university courses. The fundamental problem is to be able to protect themselves from fraud, even in this area, as in many others (especially on the Internet ) are lurking.

One of the most accredited universities online is, without doubt, the “Pegasus” that not only offers courses degree in Law and Science humanities and also Advanced courses, refresher courses masts king; releases also certifications that may be useful to European level (especially with regard to foreign languages) and provides access to the Doctorate (essential for those who wish to pursue a career in university level teaching). The seats examination found at Naples, Turin, Rome, Palermo and San Giorgio a Cremano ( Villa Vannucchi ). The question we can ask is: “How is the study within this Telematic University?”. The University “Pegasus” uses educational courses that are based on “learning objects”, units of learning content in order to act in perfect synergy between the core curriculum and the learning of the learner. Those who register has, in fact, written texts relating to lectures, slides, and videos of the lessons in synchronous and asynchronous modes, according to the needs of everyone; useful also exercises self-assessment to verify the state of learning. Surely this University on line does not represent one of the many disappointments that are on the Internet.


There is, then, another university very serious, “the eCampus” which offers the possibility to enroll in degree courses like Engineering, Psychology, Law, Economics, Literature, all without admission test, which is inscribed always open. Enrolling in university courses of “eCampus” you can follow the online lessons where and when you want, all you need is a computer or a tablet (of course with an Internet connection), you have available a personal tutor to guide the preparation also in their city, and before each exam, you can attend a full immersion refresher with the professors. I invite readers to visit eCampus University telematics . As you can see, Universities are online very serious; personally recommend the two previously mentioned, the other I have no experience and I’ve heard some pretty bad. I recommend study and training are fundamental to the life of each individual, so I urge readers not to trust everything you find on the Internet. Often there are degree courses at ridiculously low prices, but I do not think there is any university willing to give courses of study, University online have costs similar to those of the state. The only advantage consists in the fact that it is possible to study from home, in any case, the culture is not acquired but it wins!